Ode 1


my dear clam chowder
you cannot make me prouder
that cannot be said louder
eaten so fast it is a blur
seconds, thirds, fourths I'm sure

my dear clam chowder
my stomach purrs
if you ran out, the world wouldn't turn
I'd eat you from a can, even from an urn
and everyone concurs

my dear clam chowder
I'd eat you if sweet, eat you if sour
eat you at the table, eat you in the shower
eat you for a minute, eat you for an hour
in a bowl in front of me, you will get devoured

my dear clam chowder
I'd buy you if wealthy or using a voucher
if I live in the streets or in a gold tower
if I am feeling depressed or empowered
and if you're congealed I wouldn't even stir
my dear clam chowder

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