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If statistics, poetry, educational activities, exercise, or investing interest your audience, consider buying advertising space on Content has been put on for years. With many visits each month and thousands of pages to land on, your audience is likely to see your ad.

How to get started

The 2-step process to get started is simple.

First, email your ad. Your ad needs to be a horizontal banner, with pixel dimensions (Width x Height) of 728 x 90. There may be different dimensions available in the future. The design, colors, etc., are all up to you. In the email, include at least one URL you want your ad to link to if it is clicked on, and if you want your add to appear at the top of the page, the bottom of the page, or in both locations. Note, I have the right to reject any ad or URL deemed inappropriate.

Last, if approved, send in any amount (minimum of $10 USD) via PayPal, and you will get advertising space for the LIFE of

How Ad Displaying Works

When a page loads, a single ad from those that purchased ad space will appear randomly at the top or bottom of every page with probability proportional to how much was paid, and in relation to how much others paid. For example, if there are 4 people buying ad space and they each pay $10, then their ads will appear with the same probability of 25%. However, if one person pays $90 (because they want their ads to be displayed more on average) and the rest pay $10, then that ad will appear with probability 90/120 ~ 75%, and the rest will appear with probability 10/120 ~ 8%. This type of probability and random sampling is called "probability proportional to size". The fake blue banner ads at the top and bottom of this page are being displayed with equal probability.

Questions? Ready?

If you have any questions or are ready to buy ad space on, just send me an email.

Thanks for reading.

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