Freeverse 560


such ironclad powers wetly gut with surprise, grinning dynamics
to remodel those with imaginative impediments
the quill is close, resembling luminescent calculations
kinetic noiseless fonts deeply recount the wild
the similarities between writing and breathing is crowd-pleasing
fury in an infuriating heart disseminates like aircraft taking off
arena-rattling vicious batches cross-stitched with bones
shaking international cobwebs to burn the ectoderm
a 1234 password to rekindle function and activate the demand
guerrillas with accuracy decapitate big-headed markets
groping in the dwindling darkness for optimization
we decline offers of goofy gingerbread crimes
our creative pipeline waterslide contains porcupines
and even scarier things like mortgages inside
footwear unfastened, even flowers keep tension in the petals
we shall not pain nor have a commendable last
we volunteer to stand still as the stiffest sign
on roads we're creating where we craft the lines

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