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Found Poetry 924


an outbreak! so don’t be taken
those that stretched are escaping
the slow are marks to be on a torture apron
road scraped awakened you're butt naked
hands carrying a load of mutilation
better practice patience or wind up with satan
a saint of sorts in waiting
with the best entertainment
no one explains how dangerous
you'll be nameless but famous
in the red mist dangling
a demon giving a demonstration
its fists bang out lists of statements
you're off the sharp hook
but didn’t miss the pavement
never thought you'd kiss a basement
your body fell adjacent
to a weapon arrangement
an iron rod of proper weighting
revenge is the sweetest fragrance
nostrils distend no time to debate it
sometimes hatred is sacred

This poem was created from the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Click here to get the Sherlock Holmes stories. A new found poem is afoot!

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