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Found Poetry 707


five fellow frogs in a forge

the frogs frolickd from the front of the frozen farmyard field
a few not afraid of the far off forest
forget it! it is forbidden!
their friends and family were firm as furniture

but foolish and free frogs are fond of fortune first
fifty thousand farthings and florins flashed and fascinated their faces

the friends fretted, furious as the frogs fared forth
each fit and furnished with a frame of fetching fur and feathers
their forefeet warm as fire in their furrows
Frederick's fastened frock filled with favorite fine fruits and fresh fat flies for fireside feasting

comfort forfeited, forsaken, forlorn
fatigue, folly, fears, fallen, finished?
frightened and forced to a fork, they felt for forms of flowering foliage
following faith and fate, and the foaming flow, they found the fisherman's ferry to float back

this prophesy foretold in a frontispiece
fulfilled, famous, forgiven

This poem was created from Grimms' Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. Click here to get Grimms' Fairy Tales.

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