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Found Poetry 678


when government over-extended their reach
grains of punishment became a beach
a few stepped up and began to teach
but were shut up, then cut down
swept away by the hot flood
of teeth and blood in the streets

          tomorrow, it could be your marrow
          propped up for all to see like a scarecrow

in this infinity, minutes were weeks
enough to make the Trinity go weak
diseases were released with increasing pleasure
all measuring sticks were cut in half
the public was told they were whole
and convinced that scraps were treasure

          everything is fine when everything is undergoing a redesign

at first they laughed at the Professor
from Africa, the foremost expert in pressure
who studied its architecture to break down its structure
using metallurgy on the identified clusters
for hours the entire world sounded like thunder
it ended in happiness and horrors
people scared there were no longer any monsters

          for they were accustomed to their torture

This poem was created from Walden by Henry Thoreau. Click here to get Walden.

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