Experimental Poetry 5


before and after the earthquake macro runs

In this experimental poetry article, I discuss random cell alignments. I call a Visual Basic macro that I wrote to do this, the earthquake macro.

I first entered a word, letter by letter, into Excel, and then filled down just for effect. Then, I wrote a macro to randomly create a number between -90 and 90 degrees. The macro calculates this random number for each cell and uses it for the alignment angle. One pesky thing is that this causes the "after" text cells/lines to rise up a little because the altered alignment needs more space in a cell.

I also discovered that if I drew a shape or picture in the "before", and then created an earthquake, the picture often gets extremely distorted along with the text in the "after". I show this below using a square "house". I will definitely experiment with this idea in the future.


You're welcome to edit the spreadsheet as you'd like. If you use this idea of random alignments, please credit Statisticool.com. I think this idea would be great for single words and sentences, as well as I believe line art within a poem.

Thanks for reading.

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