Experimental Poetry 21


This experimental poetry idea is using subscripts and superscripts to change the look of your poem. This could be used with things that go up, down, are good, bad, as well as things that get smaller over time. One can also randomly insert subscripts and superscripts. I will demonstrate this general idea using my Freeverse 515:

the frog jumped into the sky
and splashed the pond awake

The words "jumped" and "sky" connotate images of high up, or moving upwards. Of course, we know the frog is jumping into the reflection of the sky in the pond, and not into the sky itself (although it could be argued that the frog is momentarily in the sky, or in the air anyway).

Using subscripts and superscripts, consider the following changes to the look of this poem:

andsplashedthepond awake

A couple of other variations could be:

thefrogjumpedintothe sky
and splashedthe pondawake
the frogjumpedintothesky
and splashedthe pondawake

One could also put subscripts and superscripts on the same word at the same time.

If you use this idea, please credit Statisticool.com.

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