Experimental Poetry 1


For this poem, I randomly selected from the words {go, slow, stop} to create each three word line. At each line, I kept track of the frequency and cumulative frequency for each word. At the end of the poem, I set the font size of each line to 12 + cumulative frequency, for each word. Therefore, as the poem goes on, the words tend to get larger.

I also did a variant of this idea, but using colors (green, orange, red) instead of the font sizes, when the cumulative frequencies reached certain thresholds.

In the spreadsheet, run the Visual Basic macro fontchange1, making sure to select cells D2 to D51 when prompted to do so, followed by running the macro pastetext2. This will make the font size for the words larger based on their frequencies, and then copy that information into 3 columns.

I'm wondering what other interesting poem ideas I can create from the idea that, informally speaking, is something like: linet+1 = f(linet). That is, the idea how/what/where the next line in a poem is is some function of the previous line(s).

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