What Is Autocomplete Poetry?


Autocomplete poetry is kind of a type of found poetry, made possible by improvements in technology. Of the poems I have written (which can be found here), of them are autocomplete poems. In this article, I describe one way of how I make autocomplete poems.

As an example, say I am sending a poem in a message to myself on my smartphone. I can type a word, or part of a line, and the phone will display several words it predicts I will want to use next, based on my or others' history of typing and/or using some algorithm.

Let's say I select the middle autocomplete suggested word as the next word to use in my line. I could also use the middle word, then the left word, then the right word, or just any word I deem interesting that is being suggested. I would continue in that manner until I decide to stop.

I can then edit that chunk of text into lines, or create the lines as I go. And as in any poetry, the "rules" you use to edit are up to you.

This just describes how to create autocomplete poetry on a smartphone. Of course, one can proceed in a similar manner using any software that has an autocomplete/predicted text feature.

Thanks for reading!

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