Acrostic 23


corona our visual is drinks
cohesive out-of-control virus injurious death
clawing organic venom intoxicatingly dark
citizens oblivious villains invisible disturbing
crashing once very individual defenses
cruise-ships offer vacation incubate dread
costly outrageous ventilators infinity dollars
contemplating other vaporous imitation displays
cleaning often vegetables infesting droplets
contact-tracing out-of-an-abundance-of-caution visual instructions defined
covered odd-looking victory implausible daily
conspiracy oafs' vocal idiocies documented
communications oasis vacuous impotent drumpf
contradicting objectivity valid improving decimals
clinical outcomes verified in detail
championing outstanding voices investigating daring
civilized obedient vast inescapable defenders
cheering optimism vaccines injected direct
celebrating over valiant indefatigable dream

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