Coke vs. Gold Update, KO Still KOing


In my article from 8/16/16 Coke vs. Gold, I compared Coke stock (KO) to 1g of gold since they were close in value, $43.91 (paying a dividend of $1.40/share/year) and $43.04 respectively. I reasoned (speculated?) that the stock KO will beat 1g of gold moving forward, and said I'd check in on them every year.

I checked in in 2017 with an update, in my Coke vs. Gold 2

The time has come again to do the checking for 2018.

Here is a graph of the performance of KO and GLD since 8/16/16

As we can see from the graph, KO is +6.4% and gold is -11.8% over this time period. Additionaly, KO's dividend has increased 5.41%, from $.35 to $.37 per share per quarter. Yes, KO is still KO-ing gold.

To summarize, if we started 8/16/16 with 1 share of KO, and 1g of gold, we'd have:

Let's check back in on how they are doing 8/16/19 (and every year anniversary after).

Thanks for reading!

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