Coke vs. Gold 2


In my article from 8/16/16 Coke vs. Gold, I compared Coke stock (KO) to 1g of gold since they were close in value, $43.91 (paying a dividend of $1.40/share/year) and $43.04 respectively. I reasoned (speculated?) that the stock KO will beat 1g of gold moving forward, and said I'd check in on them every year. The time has come to do the checking.

Currently 1 share of KO is $46.20, and pays $1.48/share/yr. Currently 1g of physical gold is $41.45, and still pays $0/whatever quantity you own/yr.

Here is a graph of their performance since 8/16/16

These results speak for themselves. As we can see from the graph, KO is +4.92% and gold is -4.33% over this time. Additionaly, KO's dividend has increased 5.71%. So far, KO is indeed KO-ing gold as I predicted.

Let's check back in on how they are doing 8/16/18 (and every year anniversary after).

Thanks for reading.

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