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As I've said many times, I frequently search for "stockphotofan1" to see just where some of my stock photos are being used. I came across this article on titled "Toilet Seat Covers, Customer Focus, and Risk Management".

The author Harry Hertz writes

As a chemist by training, with some involvement in microbiology as part of a clinical laboratory standards committee early in my career, I have wondered from time-to-time about the efficacy of toilet seat covers in preventing transmission of viruses and bacteria. And should that flap go in the back or front of the toilet? And what about those helpful customer instructions that say, "Pull up, pull down?" We all know from experience that these instructions either yield a piece of a seat cover or a whole bunch of covers.

Finally my photos are being used in some serious work! :)

Thank you for reading. And by the way, rocks!

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