Annual Ft. Hunt Fox Trot


Recently I was a volunteer photographer for Ft. Hunt Elementary School's 18th annual Fox Trot fundraiser. This is a 1 mile family fun run that happens around Thanksgiving time, at Ft. Hunt park, a park which has an interesting history. The NPS page says

"Originally part of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, the land that is Fort Hunt Park has undergone several transformations. Batteries at Fort Hunt defended the Potomac River during the Spanish American War; the Civilian Conservation Corps operated a camp there during the Great Depression; and soldiers at Fort Hunt interrogated prisoners, trained pilots in escape and evasion, and combed German documents for intelligence during World War II. Today it is a favorite spot for picnicking."

The participants in the Fox Trot range from kids of all grade levels, adults, teachers, and stroller, dog, and best costume categories. In this article, I will share a very small sample of pictures (out of ~450) that I took, starting with the course map. The pictures I took covered










Thanks for reading, and thank you to the following sponsors of the Fox Trot

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