Making a Paper Spinner


Here is an easy DIY paper spinner/top you can make.

The graphic for this specific one is courtesy of a McDonalds Happy Meal, but using this idea you can make your own how you want it.

All you have to do, is cut a symmetric piece of paper and divide it equally with lines. Then, in each section, write or draw something. The game for this spinner is, when a word is selected, the player thinks of words that are related to the selected word. For example, if "strength" were selected, some possibilities are "muscle", "power", "force", "powerful", "brawn", etc. The type of game you create is only limited by your imagination.

Next, in the middle of the shape, poke a small hole. It is important to not make this hole too big, as this is where the straw will go.

Last, just stick a straw through the hole and leave a little bit poking out the bottom. When you spin the straw, the spinner will spin around and fall, and the section will be indicated by where the straw lands. In the picture above, "invisibility" is indicated. If the hole is too big and the straw is slipping, then just use some tape around the hole.

Have fun, and thanks for reading!

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