If you have not eaten your lunch yet, check out Stinkymeat. Stinkymeat is described as:

This is what happened in the summer of 2000 when I took 3 kinds of meat, 19 days, and 1,000,000 maggots, and stuck them in the yard of my unwitting neighbor.

This is a funny project that my brother did a long time ago (long ago in Internet time units), before ads, merch, shares, and Likes were commonplace. I remember one day I was in an IRC chatroom (remember those?), and people were talking about how funny Stinkymeat is. I was like "that is my brother's site" and they were like "oh yeah right, like we believe that". I'm honored to have been one of the few people to have seen and whiffed the original plates of meat in person. Also, a big shoutout to the Stinkymate, the official Stinkymeat assistant.


Click meat pics to make high-res (high-res for the year 2000 anyway)

One of my many favorite quotes from Stinkymeat is:

The shape of the steak is barely discernible anymore. I feel I am imagining it more than I am really seeing it. Like finding shapes in clouds.

Thanks for checking Stinkymeat out! You should try doing your own meat experiments. You won't regret it.

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