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Purse State Park Shark Teeth


Recently we went to Purse State Park, having heard a tip that there were a lot of shark teeth there. Apparently, the fossilized shark teeth, and some other fossils, found along the cliffs of the Potomac River just south of Washington, D.C., are from the Aquia formation, which is from the late Paleocene time period.

A sign you see as you enter the trail, and a section of the trail.

An old chimney with fireplace with bullet holes in it, and the beach after a very short walk.

Typical view of the stones and shells at the beach, and all of the fossilized shark teeth we found.

This exploration was a lot of fun, and not too bad of a haul for about 1hr time! We left just before the tide rose a lot and also before a rain storm hit.

Please check out Purse State Park! Thanks for reading!

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