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Presenting the "grabbernabber":

Well, that is what our child calls it anyway! I originally purchased this to get some stuff that fell behind a heavy freezer. Once I was done using it, we found out that it is a great tool for play and learning. For example, one can use it to move blocks, or other objects, around to do subtraction or addition. It also works for picking up clothes and toys and putting them back where they go. Heck, it even doubles as an alien blaster.

(5 blocks subtract 1 block equals 4 blocks)

It has two locking features. The first is on the body of it, to prevent the grabbernabber arm from collapsing backwards. You'd want it to collapse backwards probably when you're done using the grabbernabber so it takes up less space.

The other locking feature is on the blue handle area. This makes it so the "claw" part stays fixed. Maybe you'd use this feature if you are holding something and want to remain holding it without squeezing the handle. Note that the black suction cups make it so the item you're grabbing doesn't get scratched, like it would with a metal claw.

Maybe your child will pick up their toys now? Thanks for reading!

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