Eureka Vacuum Foot Pedal Issue


In 9/2016, we purchased the "Eureka AS ONE Bagless Upright Vacuum, AS2113A - Corded" vacuum cleaner.

This is actually a very good vacuum at a reasonable price point. However, we had a critical issue on 3/22/17, and that was that the vacuum wouldn't turn on.

We tried the obvious troubleshooting things; clean the roller brush and filters and make sure nothing is clogged. Also, make sure the outlet has power or use another outlet. The vacuum still wouldn't turn on.

I took out the four screws in the front and looked at the belt, just to do our due diligence (even though I knew it wasn't a belt issue but apparently a power issue), and the belt looked brand new.

Here was the issue. Apparently the silly plastic power foot pedal button apparently broke from normal usage. Therefore, when we'd step on it to turn the vacuum on, it simply wasn't touching the button inside. Why isn't this part of the vacuum more sturdy? I simply pulled it off completely and we are able to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off by pressing the button down with our finger. Please see the picture below. We hope this tip helps you out! Thanks for reading.

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