Introduction to Entertainmentia


The word "entertainmentia" is a combination of the words "entertainment" and "dementia". I coined it after coming across so many examples where people (individuals or society as a whole) were obsessed with entertainment, enough to forget the many more important things in life, and thinking about how to describe this state. Here are a few examples of entertainmentia:

To clarify a few things before moving forward:

First, healthy levels of entertainment are good and desirable. Sports, for example, teach great physical and life skills. How do I train? How do I most efficiently kick a ball? Goal setting. Teamwork. Confidence. Practice. Determination. These lofty goals somehow unfortunately get twisted, and it turns into cheat, sell product for sponsors, sit around watching TV, betting, etc.

Second, everyone needs at least one pressure valve in their life, to relax, let off steam, have fun, play, fantasize that you're the sports star, zone out playing games, watching a movie, etc. I get that, and entertainment helps with that. Other things can help with that, like hobbies, education, exercise, and travel, but entertainment is a decent pressure valve too.

Last, the economics (supply and demand) of entertainment is fine with me if people are demanding entertainment. But again, the extreme state of affairs is not sane. Making more money than a surgeon, or paramedic, or teacher, or someone that designed a space shuttle, etc., to put a ball in a hole, or some other arbitrary pointless task, does not pass the smell test. It is not reasonable.

I believe the world would be a better place if just an extremely small fraction of resources for entertainment would be diverted to science and education activities. Only then will we remember we are human. I hope the examples of entertainmentia you read will help tone down the entertainmentia in your life so you can focus on what is really important.

Thanks for reading.

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