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Connect the Dots and Doodle is a connect the dots math and art book. Also check out the connectndoodle website. We present what we are calling a "connectndoodle". Here is an example of how they start out

We use Excel to randomly generate points in a plane. Then we label each point following a skip pattern. See our spreadsheet here.

A skip pattern is like counting by threes: 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. A random start has been chosen from 1 to 10 and a random increment has also been chosen from 1 to 10. The skip pattern is then the sequence of points start+increment, start+2*increment, start+3*increment, and so on, until all 10 points have a label. The locations of the points have also been randomized.

Start at the point with the smallest number and connect it to the next number in the sequence with a straight and/or curved line (your choice). Note that the lines can cross each other if you choose. Continue until you reach the largest numbered point. To make a closed shape, connect the last point with the starting point. From here, it is all you! Use your creativity to turn the connect the dot shape into a drawing and color it.

Create your own connectndoodle here:

There are many ways to use your connectndoodle. You could use it as a prompt to create a drawing. It could be as simple as coloring or doodling or more complex like identifying a known form, a fish a bird for example. You could challenge yourself to see how fast you can connect the points or determine what the least number of colors is such that so no adjacent regions have the same color. You could print out say 4 identical sets of points and give them to 3 of your friends or coworkers and see what different drawings you come up with. Also, you could use it to practice skip patterns. Feel free to create your own idea as well and share it!

Here are some of our examples. Please share yours on your social media with the hashtag #connectndoodle.

Share your connectnoodle on your social media with the hastag #connectndoodle, and check out our connectndoodle Twitter account.

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