Big Bison Blocks


I recently purchased an awesome "Big Bison Blocks" maple cutting board on from Thirteen Chefs. They describe themselves as a retailer that focuses on tools for back of the house as well as home kitchen wares. Our specialties are cutting boards, cutlery and decorative kitchen items.

As you can see, the cutting board is elegant, thick, has a moat or groove for catching juices, and has larger grooves or handles on the side for gripping.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised with, is that it is a lot lighter than it looks for the size (14 x 10 x 1.75 inches, and they sell a variety of sizes). I mean, it is still plenty heavy and sturdy, but not so heavy that I (adult male of average strength) cannot lift it with one hand.

Be sure to check out this cutting board as well as the Thirteen Chefs storefront and their other brands and products as well as their website Thirteen Chefs.

Thanks for reading, and happy cooking and entertaining!

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