Keys and Searching Strings


This is a slightly modified web version of a presentation I gave at work in 2011 on using the keys functionality in SAS, as well as several different ways to search variables that are strings (ie. characters). I include all slides below, some notes for some slides, as well as a link to the .pdf file of the slides here.

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Distance methods are ways of measuring how bad your mistake is. If you have Justin, and type in Dustin or Justine, it is not that bad. But if you have Justin and type in Mary, that is much worse.

This is good for anticipating possible typos and variations.

The general algorithm for this is from ~1920! Basically, you retain the leading consonant, drop vowels, assign numbers to remaining consonants in a certain way. One can also use the operator =* for the sounds-like operator. For example, Jobtosearch=*jobfromlist.

From SAS 6.12, there is cost for certain operations. For example: And Points = Sum(costs) / length(of query)

Compged is more generalized than complev, not symmetric, and the order matters (SAS 9). Also using the COMPCOST function, you can set your own cost for operations.

I hope you found the presentation informative.

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