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Meaningful American Kenpo Milestones


There are probably several dates in any martial art that are very important to you. Some that come to mind are

In American kenpo, which the majority of my martial arts experience is in, there is one date I am particularly fond of, and that is 7/6/2011, the date which I learned the magical technique "5 swords".

Here is a picture of my notebook from that day. You can click to expand it

Note that there are many variations of "5 swords". The main ideas, as I see them, are to intercept a punching attack, move from point of orgin, check, use a variety of flowing strikes, footwork, and even incorporate a kick at the end. This is one technique that flows really well. If American kenpo had a Jerry West dribbling the ball NBA type of logo, it would be of someone doing 5 swords.

Please let me know the date which you learned 5 swords and send a picture of it from your notebook. Happy practice!

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