Private Fencing Lessons


Intermediate student
Virginia Academy of Fencing

Foil fencing, private lesson 1

Coach Losha Muravyev

Losha was happy I wanted to learn more about parries

lateral parries
6 | 4

counter 6
counter 4

keep elbow and arm in place, use fingers to counterparry

Drilled: attack 4, (me) parry 4, disengage, counterparry 4 riposte 4

when your opponent does something unexpected, like really change lines or
keeping balance
not using excessive movement

wrist and fingers direct point at opponent, even when parrying
thrust at closest point to opponent, hip, chest, etc.
fencing is game of inches, only need to parry the blade an inch or two to remove threat
look for typically undefended space under opponent's elbow to thrust at
strive for offensive and defensive simplicity
always think, always use science to determine best strategy
really make sure to complete the parry, not just do it halfway

Foil fencing, private lesson 2

Coach Losha Muravyev

Correct distance to practice target drill
don't need to wear mask if other people aren't around
danger to fleche on wall target, since it isn't moving
attack 4, (me) parry 4 with retreat, disengage low, parry 8 riposte 6
correct on guarde position, why elbow and wrist are important, to line up guard to block small movements
don't move shoulder or whole body
practice in mirror
parry 4, counterparry 4
parry 4, parry 8
tip of foil naturally drops as arm extends
basic physics
riposte to closest point
knee over front foot, don't twist in inwards. This helps align everything

Foil fencing, private lesson 3

Coach Losha Muravyev

on second intention
make it look like a real attack
retreat, (me) advance lunge 6, parry 6 riposte 8, parry 8 riposte 4
retreat, (me) advance lunge 8, parry 8 riposte 4, parry 4 disengage riposte 4
slightly circle tip back up from parry 8 to riposte 4
more of a profile in lunge
step forward longer for lunge
really extend arm, make it straight
if not straight, attack is easily parried, typically by distance as a natural reaction
if not straight, muscle memory makes it always not straight
use fingers to guide tip, not wrist, not arm
do not lean body forward during lunge, makes you off balance, adds nothing good
bend elbow in to body to do close parry, else can't get sword around opponent's sword
disengage when you feel pressure

Foil fencing, private lesson 4

Coach Alexandre Ryjik

arm relaxed, like wet noodle
this will help make your thrust very fast
thumb, pointer finger, pinky, control the tip
advancing, small steps
retreating, larger steps
always keep good distance
you need more conditioning for retreating than advancing
in general, parry and retreat, thrust and advance
mix in feints
if opponent takes blade to the outside, can attack right away
can keep blade low, elbow tight, tip at toes, to prevent attacks on blade
recommended going back to group classes to get a lot of fencing and conditioning in

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