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TreasuryDirect Improvement


This article discusses a proposed improvement or suggestion I sent into TreasuryDirect staff for consideration.

I'd like it, very much, if TreasuryDirect would update the TIPS screen to show the inflation adjusted amount in a column to go along with the par amount.

This would be consistent to what the savings bond screen shows (par amount with the current value).

This way, I can just copy/paste the TIPS information into a spreadsheet I have instead of having to manually click on every single TIPS, and go back and forth between windows, and then type in the inflation adjusted values into my spreadsheet.

For example, if I have 50 TIPS, I have to click 100 times (a click for viewing a TIPS, then a click to return), as well as manually type the inflation adjusted values.

If the value of each TIPS is 5 digits (something like $xxx.yy), then the total work I have to do is: 100 clicks + 250 keystrokes, just to update a spreadsheet of 50 TIPS.

But, if the inflation adjusted values were all one one screen, I could just do a single copy/paste to update my spreadsheet, like I do for the savings bond information.

Thanks for reading.

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