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If I could go back in time, I'd probably buy a few dozen bitcoin (and other cryptos) so I could sell them today and retire. Not only did the vast majority of us miss this opportunity in the cryptocurrency space, but after a certain point, bitcoin mining was only feasible by very large and powerful mining farms and out of the realm of possibility for the average user. But what if there were a "better bitcoin" out there that you could get involved with right now?

Check out the Pi Network. The Pi Network is in its early stages and is building its user base and features. As of the time of writing, the user base ("Pioneers") is over 13 Million people. One the main attractions of the Pi Network is that the pi coin can be mined by cloudmining using your smartphone (which doesn't drain the battery). Another attraction will be strong "KYC", or "Know Your Customer", so we will have confidence that the Pioneers are real people (which will only be allowed to have one account), to add to the confidence we already have in knowing the founders are not anonymous people or agencies.

Go here to get 1 free pi coin. You can download the Pi Network mobile app (again, free) to start cloudmining pi coin. Also, you can read the Pi Network white paper.

Click here to get 1 free pi coin.

Will the Pi Network be as successful as envisioned? I truly believe it will. But, if it doesn't, you will not have lost any money and you will have lost barely any time, because mining is free and it takes 1 second to press the mining button in the app. Currently, pi has a price of 0, but "price" is not the same as "value". Once the number of users increases and the Pi Network moves into new phases, the pi coin will likely have a price approaching its high value. As a simple example, if you can make say .2 pi/hr, then you can make .2 pi/hr*24hrs/day = 4.8 pi/day. If pi goes to $10/pi, then you've made $48/day, which is about $17,500/yr, off the effort of 365 seconds of work.

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