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Bix Weir Gold/Silver Ratio Prediction


In a 3/21/23 YouTube video titled "ALERT! Trump Arrest AFTER Silver Shorts Go Long! LOAD UP ON PHYSICAL SILVER!! (Bix Weir)", Bix Weir predicted that the gold to silver spot price ratio (hereafter denoted G/S) will be 1 by the end of 2023. In other words, from now until midnight 12/31/23, that G/S = 1 at some point in time.

"by the end of the year [2023-Jz] I think it [G/S] will be 1 to 1"

As of writing, G = $1,947.50 and S = $22.59, and so G/S = 86.21. For G/S = 1 by the end of 2023, G will need to decrease considerably or S will need to increase considerably, the latter being Weir's claim.

If Weir is correct, he gets $1,000

I found this prediction to be quite silly, even by internet standards, so I made a YouTube video response titled "I Will Give Bix Weir $1,000 If Gold Price/Silver Price=1 By The End Of 2023." here. I made a risk-free challenge for Weir. If G/S = 1 by the end of 2023, I will give him $1,000. If Weir is wrong, then he doesn't owe me anything.

Besides conspiracy theory fantasies in children's educational economics comic books, I also find it very difficult to take seriously the constant calls for moonshot increases in silver prices (and be wrong for years, including many crypto calls like Salt, Populous, Pillar, Veritaseum, Theta) and encouraging of others to buy silver... and to just happen to have a relationship with a silver dealer (Andy Schectman / Miles Franklin) to direct traffic to (and presumably receive a percentage of sales).

I will periodically update this page with G, S, and G/S values, so we can assess Weir's prediction. And please...Weir and Weir fans, no trying to wiggle out of a failed prediction by saying the bad/good guys, or Federal Reserve, or star alignment, or aliens, or whatever, prevented G/S = 1 in 2023. One thing is certain though, it will undoubtably be claimed that something will happen "soon", so buy buy buy!

Thanks for reading.

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