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Garden in 2014

In 2014, my wife and I started studying square foot gardening and gardening in general. This series of articles will be on our garden each year, what we planted, what went well, what went badly, and what we learned.

Here is a diagram of our garden in 2014. The main garden is two 4' x 4' x .5' squares connected to make a rectangle, and a detached 4' x 4' x .5' square that is our herb garden.

If you have the Length, Width, Height of a garden in feet you can calculate the cubic feet of your garden simply as L*W*H. This will help you when you buy the soil, soil conditioner, compost, manure and anything else to fill your garden.

Speaking of filling the garden, watering the garden is important. We purchased the following rain barrel

Here is an issue log that we kept for 2014:

Plant Issue Solution
corn stalks breaking support towers, don't manipulate so much or so hard
tomato stink bugs spraying
squashes powdery mildew cutting, spraying
sunflowers eaten probably squirrels, need cage over, hot pepper dust did nothing
green peppers some didn't grow overshadowed by large tomato plants
squashes overgrown didn't trim, and probably planted too many too close together
plants in general growing tilted got cages to prevent plants tipping over

Looking towards the future, we plan to expand the size of our garden, doubling the main rectangle in size. I strongly recommend the following book for great gardening ideas

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