The Importance of Gripping


While there is no best martial art, there is one type of martial skill that best satisfies my requirements for rational and effective real life self defense that can be taught in any martial art, and that is to concentrate on gripping.

In no particular order, a few reasons I came up with, are

I've found the Ivanko SuperGripper to be very useful for my goals. Most of the time, I'll do several dozen of what I've called a "Smith rep", which is one cycle of trying to close the gripper first with the left hand (or whichever hand is weaker), then the right hand, then both hands but leading with the left hand, then both hands but leading with the right hand. One could denote such a rep by the notation (L)(R)(BL)(BR). The reasoning behind it is that one's goal should ultimately be to be able to close a setting with one hand, which is more difficult than closing a setting with both hands, as well as both hands. Also, while switching from a single hand attempt to a both hands attempt, the hand leading in the both hands attempt should not be the same hand used for the single hand attempt, that is, the hand should be given a slight rest.

Check out my progress with the Ivanko SuperGripper and the Captains of Crush (COC) grippers to date:


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