Shared Struggle


I realized the other day why I enjoy cw so much and why there seems to be a lot more camaraderie between cw operators than in voice or some other mode (in my opinion and experience, of course).

I think this is because cw involves learning a difficult skill, which is Morse code itself, especially the listening component. This is unlike voice where anyone can talk, and unlike many digital modes where the computer necessarily must do the work.

I believe there is a theory of learning called something like "shared struggle". I would imagine it all works like either a military boot camp or an exercise boot camp, where through the shared struggle everyone becomes better. Without the struggle there is no special skill and no camaraderie.

I also enjoy 2m repeater, HTs, and receiving digital modes, but believe there is a special type of art and science involved with cw, truly the heartbeat of radio. Thanks for reading.

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