One Minute Morse


If you're interested in Morse code (anything really), you should devote some time to practice everyday. Often, of course, it is difficult to find a large chunk of time to practice. Therefore, any time practicing is better than none.

When I'm not on the radio (cw on 40m), I'm practicing Morse code with my MFJ-414 or some type of smartphone app. I've done many practice sessions using the MFJ-414, sessions which I call "One Minute Morse".

The sessions in a "One Minute Morse" are about 1 minute in length (although I may do several sessions in a row). In these sessions I'll simply listen to, or send, a list of a few mostly unrelated words. I get sending practice and listening practice - good deal!

Most of the time, I pull up a news website, and send various words from the headlines. This seems to be a good mix of random words to practice sending and listening to. Although, I've noticed this practice tends to under represent numbers, so since we all need to also practice numbers in Morse code, perhaps I'll find another source that has more numbers.

Have you practiced (either listening or sending) Morse code for at least 1 minute today? You never know when an SOS will literally save your life.

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