Morse Code Practice


As of the current date, I can receive Morse code at about 15 words per minute. To become proficient at anything one needs to practice, and the skill and language of Morse code is no different.

I've recently been using the Koch method again, with the help of the "IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW" app by, you guessed it, IZ2UUF. The Koch method is essentially where say two letters are introduced to start out. Once you are proficient with identifying these two letters, a third letter is added. This process happens over time until you can receive all the letters, numbers, and other symbols well.

I have my sessions set to send at 20WPM, and I practice during my breaks at work. Here is what part of a typical session looks like:

One can then check what they wrote down with what was actually sent to track accuracy. Remember, it is very important to listen to Morse code, and listen at a speed that is above what you can currently do well.

We have two ears and one we should use them in proportion! -Morse code helps with this.

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