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Morse Code


After obtaining my Technician license in 2013, I was still excited, but left wondering if there was more to amateur radio than 2m contacts on HTs. Thankfully, there is.

I started researching the history of radio itself, and that led me to Morse code. Morse code was conceived by Samuel Morse (with contributions from others) as a way to transmit intelligence by electricity.

Transmit "INTELLIGENCE". That got my attention. In a world where entertainment, "reality" shows, and grown men throwing balls around (and whining about getting paid millions to play these games, often on steroids and pain killers) is valued more than science and mathematics, I was ready for some intelligence.

I bought a Morse code trainer (MFJ-414), a straight key, a cw transceiver (MFJ-9240) and was on my way, and the rest is history.

Now I have my Extra license, a few more keys, know Morse code a little better, and have made some good friends.

There is also, of course, more to radio than Morse code! Although, personally, I think Morse code is the most interesting and important aspect of amateur radio. I will do my part to preserve Morse code for the future. What about you? Will you join me?

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