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Elenco AM Radio Kit


My wife recently got this AM radio kit, by Elenco, for me: Note that it requires some basic skill with soldering.

I really enjoyed it. The manual certainly has clear instructions. It could use just slightly more information on radio theory, in my opinion, but it does explain a good amount of the inner workings in there.

The sound coming from this radio is louder than I expected. One thing to keep in mind is that it is a tuned radio frequency (TRF) circuit, which is an older design for radios. Therefore, what will probably happen, is if there is a very powerful AM radio station nearby, that will dominate what you hear in the radio. Also, the numbers on the dial might not correspond to stations you know exist. Or, the stations might be "bunched up", clustered in one part of the dial.



Again, this AM radio is highly recommended. It is on my desk at work now.

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