Zero to 100


Ooh I soo wish I had $100. I guess I'll just have to work the old-fashioned way doing honest work.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

Zero to 100 Bux in 24 Hours - The Challenge Video

Hey guys,
Don't miss this one.
This is your chance to finally get it right; to copy a formula that has now been proven to get any complete newbie without spending money, to one hundred dollars in 24 hours.
Jono spent 24 hours with only a public internet connection, with absolutely zero advantages.
When the time was up, he had actually made over a hundred bucks.
To make it even better, the guys are running a Black Friday special on it, so if you grab it within the next 3 hours, you get a huge crazy price on it
Watch the Challenge Video! [link redacted]
All the best,
A. Sanders

Yeah...I think I'll miss this one, but all the best, "A"! (which most likely stands for "A Complete and Total Fraud")

Thanks for reading.

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