Western Union


Pathetic. Why do all scammers have piss-poor grammar and spelling?


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!


Western Union Company
[address redacted]


This is to bring to your notice that Money transfer giant Western Union has agreed to pay $586 million in connection with its failure to prevent criminals from moving ill-gotten money using its platform, according to federal authorities. Each scam victims are entitled to $1, 200, 000.00(one million two hundred thousand dollars) this was agreed by the board of directors of WESTERN UNION this year.

Western Union admitted to criminal violations including its willful failure to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud.

Western Union owes a responsibility to American and the world consumers to guard against fraud, so this little token was set aside to compensate all scam victims and does that have lost money in the aid of sending money for business or other personnel issues.

As part of the agreement with authorities, Western Union has agreed to implement stricter policies to prevent future fraud and money laundering. The forfeiture of $586 million will be used to reimburse consumers who were victims of fraud from 2004 to 2019. It is the largest forfeiture that has ever been imposed on a money services business.

You are to contact JPMorgan Chase bank for immediate transfer of your fund to your nominated bank with your details and bank details as stated below.

1) Your full name: _
2) Your full address: _
3) Your telephone: _
3) Your occupation, age and marital status:
4) Any valid form of identification/Driven license#: _
5) Bank name: _
6) Bank address: _
7) Account name: _
8) Account number: _
9) Routing number: _

You are receiving this email because your email address was generated by our system as one of the victim.

Where to send the details to
Mr. Raymond Moore
[email address redacted]

Best Regards,
CEO: Hikmet Ersek

Sigh. "each scam victims", spelling out the dollar amount, "little token", "personnel", "your fund", "the victim", "driven", and on and on.

Thank you spammers...A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Oh, I didn't contact the bank as instructed, but I did send your scam to the proper authorities.

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