Oh no! I am so afraid my mailbox will be deactivated because verification will not be "gotten"...


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

Warning!! MailBoxDe-activation In Progress action required

MailBox De-activation
Hi justin

We are doing a spam and fraudulent verification survey, which
your e-mail account [email redacted] was listed and has recently been updated.
it's important you verify your account to help us survey
your account better. [email redacted]

Verify Your Account Now

If verification is not gotten from you in the next 48hr, we will assume you are a fraudulent
user and shut down your email account, till a proper recovery
verification before you can access your account again

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This email was generated for [email redacted] with reference no. 2147dfff456345%1%47122ab768%1%27%1%916310
This is an automated message replies cannot be answered E-mail Server Admin

By listing my email many times, does the scammer think that makes it more official looking? And what type of reference number has percentage symbols in it? Hey scammer, you can assume I am a fradulent user, but I know you are a complete and total fraud.

Thanks for reading.

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