You would think a scammer would try his or her very best at scamming. However, they often don't put much effort into their scams.

Enjoy the nonsense!

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Hello my dear
[email redacted]

may peace of our almighty god be unto you

greeting in the name of our almighty god i wish you and your family happy moments of life now and forever more amen,my name is mrs kata bettencourt , 69 years old from France living in in abidjan,please, i do not have formal relationship with you but because of my present predicament and circumstances i am made to contact you,i have been suffering from cancer and have a short life to leave,i have made up my mind to donate my inheritance of 2.300,000.00 million dollars to the less privileged please help me to fulfill my last wish,please contact me here [email redacted]

please contact me in my personal email [email redacted]

i wait to hear from you

mr kata bettencourt

While it was good of you to try the well-tested scammer angles of religion, medical issues, and money, you really need to upgrade your scammer skills, because nothing in your email was even slightly believable. Additionally, your writing is atrocious. I still sent it to law enforcement, however. They don't seem to mind.

Thank you spammers for the daily (sometimes hourly) entertainment.

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