One of many variations of "I'm dying, I'm religious, oh and I have money to give you" type of scams. Yes, scammers really are this stupid.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!


By Mrs. Isabella Dzsesszika

I am Ms. Isabella Dzsesszika widow who suffers from long illness (cancer), there are funds I have inherited from my late loving husband Mr. Mseswa Dzsesszika, the sum of (US $ 1.5 million) that he has in the bank before his death, I need an honest and God-fearing person who can use these resources for God's work.

I have made this decision because I have no child who inherits this money, and I do not want a situation where this money is used in a godless way. That is why I make that decision and my doctor has confirmed to me that I have less than three weeks to live, knowing that I have chosen a charity or a person who uses this money to support the poor and who Needy in accordance with my instructions.

I want an organization that will use this fund for orphanages, schools and churches, widows, to spread the word and work of God. Please, if you could use these resources for the work of the Lord, please answer me. As soon as I receive your answer, I will give you further instructions on how to meet the requirements of these funds.

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Isabella Dzsesszika

"Isabella", you do realize your email address has a completely different name, right? Have fun with your fake cancer. The law enforcement agencies I forwarded your scam email to were not fake, however.

Thanks for reading.

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