Poor spelling mixed with millions of dollars and sketchy emails...seems legit!


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!


Good day,

We are an Investment Funding Broker/Advisory Company based in the United Kingdom, scouting for viable projects and business investments to be funded by Suhail Bahwan Group in Oman, for Joint Venture Project & Investment funding / Project Loan Program. Do you need an urgent loan to solve your financial needs, provide loan ranging from $ 5,000.00, $ 10,000,000.00 to $ 500,000,000.00 Max, we are reliable, efficient, fast and dynamic, with 100% guaranteed loan also gives ( . euros, pounds and dollars) the interest rate applicable to all loans is (3%), if you are interested get back to us immediatelly.

We offer Legitimately FC and SS Bank Guarantee (BG) and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) alongside a number of other Bank Instruments specifically for Lease with the option of sale optionally available from a certified financial group. We deliver cautious of the time line required for the completion of transactions and other intermediaries are welcome to deal. Other financial instruments such as MTN, CD, DLC, PB are also available.

We are open to having a good business relationship with you. If you have a valid business, investment or project to fund, please provide us with the business plan, executive summary, financial information etc for assessment and review. Please do not hesitate to contact us for possible business co-operation if you are interested, for more details Email: [email redacted]

Tony Fisher
Financial Broker, Independent Consulting, Advisory Manager
IFC Group", the International Finance Corporation
Hampshire, United Kingdom

You don't need my reply. What you do need is a swift kick in the nuts for being a scammer.

Thanks for reading.

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