Ahh, the "Syrian War" template. These are a dime a dozen. I think scammers need to update their playbook.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

Re: Business Investment / Partnership

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Mrs Selma Bachir from Aleppo Arab Republic of Syria. I'm a Muslim woman, I'm engaged in selling Jewelries/Diamond/Gold here in Syria, Because of on going bloody war here in Syria my shop's and home was destroyed by rebels all my Jewelries which worth much money was looted.

I sincerely seek for a business venture/partnership in your country which i want to invest and start with my last resort deposited in a foreign bank. Kindly advise me on good profitable business in your country. I have the Financial capital ( Ten Million Dollars) If we can develop a good business relationship and invest together as good partners,

Kindly advise me on good profitable business in your country. With mutual agreement and understanding we can invest together as partners.

Hope to receive your reply today,

Allah Hafiz,

Mrs.Selma Bachir.

Hi "Selma". I'm very happy that you are in a war and your home was looted and everything was destroyed and stolen. Were you expecting a different response perhaps?

Thanks for reading.

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