The "my investor has money for you" are probably my favorite type of scammer genre, probably coming in second place to "I am dying and have tons of money for you, my random friend" scams.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

Business Proposition


Business proposition for you.

I have a client from Syria who will like to meet with you this week and invest with your company. My client is willing to invest $12.5 Million. Can I have your investment plan in this area of Investment interest: Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate & Construction, IT & Communications, Engineering, Utilities, Telecoms, Mining, Maritime Sector and Entertainment industries to show to my client your investment plan so that they will check and decide if they will invest there funds with you as joint partner.

This information is needed urgently.

Please reply.

Best Regards,
Agent Melvin Greg
Tel: [redacted]

Because you asked so nicely, "Melvin", I'll reply. Some advice for you: don't drop the soap when you are, eventually, hopefully, in jail.

Thanks for reading.

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