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Referring to a real news article as proof of the realness of your scam...Well that was quite silly.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

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Hello Frined,

My name is Nana Ofori.I am nominated by the family of Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla, (that is the family of late Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla ) to assist them look for a reliable account overseas.

Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla and his bodyguard were shot dead in Juba on Wednesday February 9, 2011, Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla was the minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development, South Sudan.

Where some millions of dollars kept in a finance and security company here in Accra Ghana as family treasure could be transferred.($18.6,000,000.USD) Million US DOLLARS,

[link to news article omitted]

If you can handle this transaction contact me immediately so that we can proceed,you can also email me on my: [email redacted] or call me on my phone number

[phone number omitted]

Yours Faithfully
Nana Ofori.

I'll pass, "frined", I mean "scammer".

Thanks for reading.

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