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I present to you, atrocious writing from a scammer.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!


Please permit me to use this little opportunity to deliver this important and urgent information to you, Sorry I use this medium to communicate with you concerning this privileged information I got from one of my patient here in our hospital, I am Dr. Erol David Belgin of Methodist hospital USA. Mrs. Brigitta Anna Fazekas has been diagnosed to have cancer of the Lungs. As a Christian she willing to donate her money to the less privilege, orphanage homes and the Church than allow wicked people to take all when she die. And want someone that can undertake this Task to help her fulfill her wish and that of her husband.

Lately she discovered that her late husband's relation know about the deposited money and they are happy that she will soon die so that they can take the money, so she will you give the claim information to you before she pass on to glory.

She will give you all the details that will assist you in getting the Funds deposited with the security Company. she deposited the total of US$5,600.000.00 (Five million Six Hundred Thousand united states dollars) in cash is with the security company in USA.As soon as you accept her offer she will direct you to my family Lawyer here in New York, who will assist you get the money transfer into your bank account without any delay and he will provide you with the deposit certificate to the fund.

Please if you are willing to accept this offer kindly furnish me with your details , Your name ,Contact Address and Phone number, She furnish you with further details about the money and hat you stand to benefit from the fund.

Please reply to my private email address: [email redacted]

Best Regards
Dr. Erol David Belgin

Religion, disease, large sum of money, send me your details, yadda yadda. Got anything new, scammer? Scammer, does "hat you stand" make any sense to you? There are at least 30 other things in your sad email that don't make any sense.

Thanks for reading.

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