Official Memo


Well, at least the scammer admits to being corrupt. Such refreshing honesty. The email the scammer gave is from the UK but he is pretending to be the Nigerian government? A very smart scammer we have here...


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

Official Memo

Kind Att.

Good Day,

The fact remains that before you get paid for any contract executed in Nigeria, you must give a kick back to the government officials. This is hampering legitimate payment to contractors.

For you to stand out as a legitimate contractor and to receive this payment, all I need from you is to reconfirm your receiving bank details and identity card to this office. Your fund will be wired directly to your bank account without third part.

I am

Edward Smith.
NNPC Contract Payment Chief. Cooperate Head. Adim.

"Edward"...go away.

Thanks for reading.

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