Why do spammers always SHOUT IN THE TITLE!? And again, we see common American first names used for the first and last name.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!


Attn: Hello

From Mr. Steve Bruce., Private Auditor General with TD TRUST GROUP BANK CANADA. Accept this letter in my personal capacity solicit your consent and cooperation to initiate a syndicated investment of huge sum of money in your country in anticipation that you would be able to manage same profitably.

let me have your consent should you be interested therein so that i would give you more detail.

Yours truly

Mr. Steve J Bruce

Attention...hello? That seems a totally normal thing to write... The rest is total gibberish. I think it is just one big run-on sentence. I also like how it was Mr. Steve Bruce, and then Mr. Steve J Bruce, as if that J detail would seal the deal. Does the J stand for Jackass, Jerk, or Jail?

Attn spammers and scammers (no difference): thanks for the comedy.

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