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This email really pulls at the heartstrings. Actually, no it doesn't. It is just yet another example of how low pathetic scammers will go to get cash.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!

RE: Business to discuss on please

RE: Business to discuss on please.
My Name is Mr.Abu J.Hassan, I am a business man from Syria, i am searching for who will help me to receive my funds with HSBC Bank.I want to re-invest in any profitable investment. I use to have an electronics company in Syria but lost my company in the Syria war, I feel like crying each time I remember my company in Syria that was bomb, All I have left is the funds with HSBC Bank. I want you to help to receive this money for investment, Total funds is US$4,000,000.00 Million US dollars, I will give you 30% of the total.
I guarantee you that this transaction will be properly done under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.
My wife said she have been calling you on phone but no one is answering your phone, I hope we have the right phone number.
I will wait to hear from you.
Regards on behalf of my Family

Hey, "Abu", "f" "u". Email info forwarded to authorities as usual. I hope they pay you a visit...

Thanks for reading.

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