It is funny and sad what scammers believe people find convincing.


Educate yourself about scams by reading a good book!



We are writhing to know if it's true that you are DEAD? This is Because we have received a notification/ Authorization from one MRS.ANNE WILLIAMS mandating us to transfer your funds to her Canadian Bank account.

Be informed that we discovered the said funds in your name through your Email address.

But we are surprise that MRS.ANNE WILLIAMS indicated that you are dead and therefore has requested us to hand over your funds to her .

Kindly get in touch with us if you are still alive to avoid wrong payment or diversion of your funds.

Kindly reply via my private email address only ([email redacted])

Gary Larson

I thought this was a total scam until you said Mrs. Williams. That convinced me. Here is my bank account information. Really dude? I kindly got you in touch with law enforcement, "Gary".

Thanks for reading. And thanks for "writhing", "Gary".

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